Poulsbo, WA |

Ira and Company,

Attending the performance by Marina Lashkul, it was a delight. She played extremely well, no doubt a “professional-grade” performer, who executed her entire program with great artistry. But, beyond this, I was actually as struck by the beauty of the sound that came from your Langlois & Sons 6’10” grand piano. You spoke of sound memory, Ira, and I’d also mentioned how the best piano I’d ever heard and played was a Baldwin grand, many years ago at a university, an institution that also had a number of Steinways that weren’t quite there, to my taste for purity of sound. That said, I must also say I’m not sure your piano wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard, can surely state that I don’t see how one could expect more from the sound of a piano. As Marina can take pride in her performance, you should take pride in whatever you did to create the sound of the Langlois piano you provided for the concert.

Thank you very much for the concert, and congratulations, to Marina and to you, a lot of artistry in both the performer and the one who provided a piano with such beautiful sound.

By the way, I noticed, along with myself, other people were intently reading the interesting program Jaymes created for the concert, who is also a fine young man and a credit to your company.