Celebrating over 100 years in business

Langlois Pianos, in business since 1865, is the oldest family-run business in the state of Washington. Now in its fifth generation, in a time where only 30% of family companies survive to the second generation, Langlois Pianos is celebrating over 100 years in business.

Ira talks about pianos like they are people: "You have to treat a piano like a whole. Most are abused and don't receive real proper care." He thinks his family's business has lasted so long because it is about the joy of bringing a piano to its full potential. That's what Ira feels he was put on earth to do and that's how the past generations felt.

Family Business Magazine listed Langlois Pianos in one of its editions about the oldest family businesses in the United States. The article, written by William O'Hara said: "Many on our 'oldest' list share ... a genuine interest in serving the needs of a larger cause."

Langlois Pianos, in business since 1865

1865 - The First Generation

Pascal L'Anglais left his northern Wisconsin farm in 1865 and attended a year of piano-tuning school in Chicago. He returned to start the family business. He became a master tuner who worked at Carnegie Hall and the Academy of Music in New York.

Langlois Piano History

1898 - The Second Generation

Pascal's two sons, Pascal II and George, also became piano technicians. In the late 1800's they built 300 pianos bearing the L'Anglais nameplate, a few of which can still be found in the upper Midwest.

Langlois Piano Family History

1923 - The Third Generation

All six of Pascal II's sons continued the tradition. One son, Ira, began learning the trade at the age of four. By the age of 21, he was piano technologist at the Royal Conservatory in Vienna.

Langlois Pianos Family History

1962 - The Fourth Generation

When Ira returned to the U.S., the family name was "Americanized" to Langlois and the family moved to Sequim, Washington. Ira's son, Tom, was the fourth generation of Langlois to carry on the piano business.

Ira Lanlois - Grand Piano

1985 - The Fifth Generation

Tom's son, Ira Langlois III, started at the age of 12. In 1985, Ira realized a personal dream when he opened Langlois Piano in Silverdale...a symbol of one family's commitment, for over 100 years, to the technical mastery of fine musical instruments.