Great, fast payment. Pleasure doing business with!!! A+++++++

galexygrace - from Ebay

“Thank you so much for all the things you have done for us at Retsil. I played accompaniment piano on the Langlois & Sons for four songs at yesterdays resident talent show. What a wonderful instrument!”

Glenda - Retsil, WA

Highly recommended. Great piano. Helpful, friendly, good communication.

toyo72 - from Ebay

Some people call me a bit over the top, and maybe so, but despite not knowing how to play a piano, I had always wanted one as decoration. I decided that since I’ve themed my living room in African art from different areas of Africa, I’d like to have the piano fit. I met with Ira and discussed my available space and my desire for the use of an African wood in my piano.

As I wanted a truly unique piece we ended up choosing African Bubinga wood in a satin finish, rather than the standard ebony polish or generic wood tone. I placed my order and a few months later I go the call from Ira stating my handmade piano had arrived and that it setup in his show room to be tuned and configured.

I dropped everything I was doing and hurried down to see my new piano. It was more beautiful than I had expected! Since I can’t play I had also ordered a player PianoDisc system with floppy, cd, and midi playback options.

The piano gets played almost daily by the PianoDisc system, and my friends who actually play are amazed at the sound the piano is capable of producing as it is a shorter 5’4″ grand.

Thank you Ira! I love my piano!

Cody - Bremerton, WA

Dear Ira,

Svein & I were chatting last night & I pointed out that he had many things that he’d wanted to have & do in his life. Like piloting a plane, having a boat, having horses, traveling here & there…and I said “that’s wonderful! The only thing I ever really wanted was to have & play a grand piano.” And now I have it, thanks to you Ira. The first time you tuned my old Kawaii and fixed the squeak that no one else had been able to fix (all five previous tuners) I knew that you were a master technician. No wonder you build pianos. I used to do the books for a piano store so I know a little about buying a piano & I knew I wouldn’t buy one without a knowledgeable technician. So when I started my Grand Piano search, I started with you and even though I went elsewhere – to Sherman Clay, Prossers, I had no intention of dealing with anyone else but you Ira. You have a rare quality called Integrity. I knew I could trust you. But I had to go try all the other pianos; Steinway, Boston, Yamaha. None of them had what I was looking for in terms of sound or touch. You told me that you had the piano I wanted and you were right. You also told me you could make it happen and you did. For that I will be forever grateful.

I thank you,

Marcelle S. - Pacific North West – Proud owner of a Langlois & Sons Grand

My name is Marina Lashkul. I am a professional pianist, accompanist, and piano teacher. I started playing piano at the age of 6. During my many years of study and work I have played numerous pianos of all different makes and models.

The most important factor that makes a piano great is the sound, or voice, of the instrument. I prefer a deep, warm, velvety sound but most pianos that posses these qualities have extremely heavy keys which require the player to use much force in order for the key to play through.

On the other hand, pianos with light keys make it easy to draw emotion from the piano but the voice is almost always too bright and harsh. These pianos are great for playing brilliant passages, but to get them to sing is almost impossible.

Throughout my life of playing piano I have always wondered if there is a piano with the perfect combination of both worlds; a deep, warm, and rich voice along with keys that are not too heavy or too light that can allow total control of tone, timbre, and emotion. I have now found that perfect combination: in the Langlois & Sons models of pianos.

September, 2010 was my first chance to have the honor of playing a Langlois & Sons piano and let me tell you, Mr. Langlois’ pianos play just gorgeously! The keys respond wonderfully as they melt under your fingers allowing you full expressive control and the tone is very rich, very warm, very full. I instantly fell in love with these pianos!

Most appreciative,

Marina Lashkul - Kitsap, WA


Both Billie Jo and I want to thank you for the wonderful piano, delivery, and customer service which we received. You and your staff have made this a very enjoyable and professional experience. Best regards,

Johann - Bremerton, WA

Big Thank You,

Two weeks ago Ira tuned the piano @ Franklin School in Port Angeles and I just wanted to thank him for the exceptional job. It sounds better than I ever remember it and has so much color in the sound. Others have noticed and it really makes a difference, especially since it is used to teach students. Many are benefiting from the tuning.

Best Wishes,

John Kilzer - P.A. Schools – Port Angeles, WA

I’ve been busy playing my piano for almost the entire day!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like I have a new piano and I simply couldn’t stop! Thank you for your work! And I mean a BIG thanks!

Jolene - Brinnon, WA

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you. I am really enjoying my new Brodmann Grand Piano! From the time I started talking with you via email all the way through to delivery of the piano, it has been a pleaseure working with you. I appreciate the time you spent with me in your store covering all the details of the piano and answering all of my questions.

On the day of delivery, you and your crew took great care to be sure the piano made it safely into my house and you weren’t satisfied until you were sure it was exactly where I wanted it.

I appreciate the fact that you were truly concerned that I received the best customer service from all at Langlois Pianos. The level of service and expertise I received was outstanding! I appreciate all you do and will continue to work with Langlois Pianos for all of my future musical needs.

Thank you!

Tim - Seabeck, WA

Dear Ira,

The work that Ira did on my 85 year old piano was phenomenal! The sound of the piano is improved 1,000 fold and the work on the keyboard has made it much easier for me to play and achieve the sound I want. When I played the piano for my first lesson after the extensive work Ira did, my piano teacher asked me if I had a new piano! The piano has NEVER sounded like it does now in all the years I’ve owned it and it has been regularly tuned. Ira was the first person to tell us it needed some restoration work and it was worth every penny. His expertise and knowledge of the piano’s construction has produced an excellent result. I have recommended him to everyone I know that has a piano.

Kathy Lea

“Thank you for opening your showroom for us last week and for all of your undivided attention.

I love my piano! I’ve played many pianos over the years and the sound and touch of my Langlois is fabulous. I am also enjoying the pianodisc player, which allows me to enjoy the piano even when I’m not playing it.

The piano is beautiful! We were playing it all weekend (I hope my neighbors like piano music). We had a few visitors this past weekend and all were awestruck with the piano. We were happy to give them your name and contact info.”

Deborah - Nordland, WA

I absolutely love my piano. My local tuner was very impressed with the quality and has been talking it up around town. I have passed on copies of the literature for others to read about your piano.

Greg - Juneau, Alaska

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a customer of Langlois Pianos since 1993 when I first began teaching private music lessons. The sheet music selection and in store service more than met my needs as teacher. I also learned about new repertoire and editions thanks to Langlois’ commitment to keeping high quality piano literature in stock.

My father sent me shopping for a used grand piano two years ago. I went to Ira Langlois first because I knew about his passion and experience in working on pianos. After I looked at several used ones Ira proceeded to show me the brand new Langlois and Sons models that had Just arrived.

His eyes danced as he explained every detail of design and craftsmanship that went into the new models. I thoroughly enjoyed playing them and was pleasantly surprised when he quoted the prices on the brand new Langlois and Sons models. It was an easy decision to go with one of Ira’s brand new grand pianos; autograph and all!

Dad and I have found the piano to be a wonderful addition to his home. Everyone loves to play it and it’s beautiful to look at. In addition, one of my students purchased a nice Langlois and Sons upright piano last year and is very happy with it. BRAVO to Ira Langlois for building such wonderful, high quality, reasonably priced pianos.

Sally - Seabeck, WA

Ira and Company,

Attending the performance by Marina Lashkul, it was a delight. She played extremely well, no doubt a “professional-grade” performer, who executed her entire program with great artistry. But, beyond this, I was actually as struck by the beauty of the sound that came from your Langlois & Sons 6’10” grand piano. You spoke of sound memory, Ira, and I’d also mentioned how the best piano I’d ever heard and played was a Baldwin grand, many years ago at a university, an institution that also had a number of Steinways that weren’t quite there, to my taste for purity of sound. That said, I must also say I’m not sure your piano wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard, can surely state that I don’t see how one could expect more from the sound of a piano. As Marina can take pride in her performance, you should take pride in whatever you did to create the sound of the Langlois piano you provided for the concert.

Thank you very much for the concert, and congratulations, to Marina and to you, a lot of artistry in both the performer and the one who provided a piano with such beautiful sound.

By the way, I noticed, along with myself, other people were intently reading the interesting program Jaymes created for the concert, who is also a fine young man and a credit to your company.


Tom - Poulsbo, WA

Dear Ira,

Our amazing Langlois & Sons piano was delivered on Tuesday this week. I must say how very pleased I am! THANK YOU. The antiquing with distressing and color are so perfect for our home. And the sound is beautiful. From start to finish, you have been such an exceptional business to work with. I truly appreciate you exploring the idea of a color and a distressing finish. It was a collaboration of creativity! Your craftsmanship truly shines. We ordered this new piano for a home that we were building. In building a new home we came in contact with many, many different companies. If I could give an award for the Best All Round Company to work with, Langlois & Sons Pianos would win first place hands down! Everyone I came in contact with from your company was consistently extremely polite, informative and honest. It was pure pleasure doing business with you.

Most sincerely appreciative,

Kim B. and family - CA

Your work on our Mason & Hamlin has been very rewarding to our church and our community. I have gotten many compliments from congregants to visitors on how beautiful our piano sounds now. I don’t know what I would have done without your help with our grand and I will always turn to you whenever we have a need with our piano. Thanks and God Bless. You’re Awesome!

Quest Carter - Music Director - Hillcrest Assembly of God – Bremerton, WA

I have recently had the opportunity and pleasure of playing a Langlois & Sons Grand Piano. It is an instrument of the highest quality and musical standards that I have ever performed on. The action is superb, allowing for a wide range of touch, and is responsive to the lightest, or heaviest attack with an instant action response. The tone is both warm and ‘full-bodied’, with great clarity from the lowest register to the highest. The craftsmanship in the making of this piano displays an artistic sensitivity to every detail in its creation, from its structure to its beautiful structural body. I have only high praise for the piano and the artisans who have designed and built it…

Most sincerely,

Overton Berry - Jazz Pianist - Seattle, WA -

I have just become the newest owner of a beautiful custom handmade 6’2″ Langlois Grand Piano purchased from Langlois & Sons of Bremerton, Washington and I could not be happier or more satisfied with my purchase and the music it provides me. The funny thing is that I cannot even play a piano, but that has not diminished my joy of the music it produces because the owner of Langlois & Sons, Ira Langlois, installed a state of the art player system from PianoDisc and it plays my piano to perfection. I can choose just about any kind of music imaginable from the large library of available CD’s made for my system. That flexibility allows me the ability to select whatever kind of music I am in the mood for and then have it fill my home with the most incredible sounds imaginable as only can be created on a real musical instrument and not a recording. There is no comparison to actual keyboard playing as opposed to recorded music from a stereo system to fill your home with incredible sounds. I find myself feeling like I have a friend in the living room now treating me to the world’s greatest music. I can select from the classic composers to modern day performers and everything in between, and with the push of a button it is like they are their in my home performing, what a joy to experience. With the holiday season upon us it is great at my parties to place on the many available Christmas music CD’s into the system and allow it to become the entertainment for my guests. Everyone agrees it has made the atmosphere for my gatherings even more holiday spirit filled.

If you are considering the purchase of a piano, be it one with a player system or not, may I recommend to you Ira and his staff at Langlois & Sons. It is evident from the first time you meet this fifth generation owner that he loves and is passionate about what he sells. His commitment to his customers is genuine and quickly you feel like a friend or family when dealing with him. In this day of major companies with impersonal sales staff it is refreshing to be brought back to the era of the small independent merchant who really do care about their customers and treat them with personal attention and professionalism along with immense knowledge of their product. Truly a refreshing experience in today’s impersonal shopping world.

So whether you have played in Carnegie Hall and are an accomplished piano player or like me totally inept in the musical talent department, Ira and his staff can fulfill your piano needs and create the perfect piano for your home or office that will bring you joy and happiness for years to come.


David Sheldahl - Fox Island, WA

Ira, I love the piano!!!! It has a beautiful, rich sound. I have already played it for an hour non-stop. Lee was here to ensure the piano came into the house undamaged. Northland and AAA movers did a fine job coordinating the delivery. Lee has already lined up a music teacher from the new high school to come and see the piano before purchasing another model.

Thanks again. I will take a picture of the piano once I have everything set-up and email it to you.

Missouri - Juneau, AK

Hi Ira:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the piano. It’s so beautiful and I’ve had such a great time playing. I’m just writing to figure out when we can have it tuned. Let me know what would be good for you. Thanks so much for everything. The piano is just wonderful. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joani - Sumner, WA

We have had our Langlois upright for approximately a year now. We love it. We previously had a Yamaha baby grand, however we found it too large for our living space so we decided to replace it with a comparable upright. We are happy we did.

Langlois Piano has provided a superior replacement instrument as well as excellent service. Thank you Ira.

Chic and Lisa - Port Townsend, WA

Hi Ira,

The high end of my piano sounds better than it has in years and I wanted to thank you!

James - Hansville, WA


I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on our piano. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed. In my business paying attention to the small details is what sets us apart from our competitors. My wife is very impressed with the way the piano plays with the weighted keys. She can now do more complex trills, so she is quite happy. Both Cathy and Emily are playing a lot. Cathy really likes the piano. Those who have seen it really like the way it looks. Very nice craftsmanship.

Thank you also for helping move our old piano to our friends house, we appreciate it!

Jay and Cathy - Monroe, WA


I wanted to tell you my piano sounds better than is ever has before! A++ GREAT!!! I am really enjoying playing it and we are on the right track.

Jim - Hansville, WA

What an unexpected delight to meet and work with Ira Langlois and Langlois Pianos International of Bremerton, WA. As a highly experienced craftsman/piano builder as well as technician and tuner, Ira personally delivered and prepared a beautiful instrument for my concert in Port Angeles in 2010, and shortly thereafter restored much of the original splendor to my 1940 Steinway model M grand piano. Peninsula residents west of Seattle are indeed fortunate to have such expertise available for tuning and servicing their pianos.

Jackson Berkey - International Roster of Steinway Artists -

Dear Ira,

Thanks again for the beautiful Langlois – you have given me another reason for living.

The residents at Retsil like it very much – I am unable to eat a meal in the dining room without receiving a request to play – or a compliment.

You have made a great difference in so many lives.

So grateful,

Glenda - Retsil, WA

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Ira Langlois, who is developing a piano demonstration for interested churches.

Our church purchased two Kawai pianos from Ira some years ago. Not only are they excellent pianos, but he has kept them beautifully tuned and maintained for well over ten years. It continues to be a joy to play them for all sorts of occasions, in addition to church services.

Ira keeps a good schedule for tuning and maintenance and is faithful to that schedule. He gives ample notice when repairs are needed, mindful of church budget constraints. If an unusual problem should come up, he is quick to help.

If I may add a personal note, Ira has been the tuner/maintainer of my Steinway parlor grand for over twenty years. I purchased a Kawai console from him as a second teaching instrument. My students have been exposed to fine instruments, professionally maintained.

Patricia - Sequim, WA


When you were here yesterday, I was too tired to express my appreciation at what a difference you had made to my little CE-7. This morning I gave her a test drive – and she floats. There is a lightness in the key response that has never, ever been there before. And sound! She positively chirps. I am very impressed with you and your work and will look forward to seeing you again this time next year.

Thanks again ever so much,

Marcelle - Sequim, WA

Hi Ira,

I got the piano into the house today. Everything went well and the piano sounds great. Thank you so much for all your help. We are very happy with the piano! It was nice to meet you and I will recommend you to anyone looking for a piano. Here’s a picture of my oldest daughter playing – she loves it! Thanks again.

Lance - Arlington, TX