Seabeck, WA |

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a customer of Langlois Pianos since 1993 when I first began teaching private music lessons. The sheet music selection and in store service more than met my needs as teacher. I also learned about new repertoire and editions thanks to Langlois’ commitment to keeping high quality piano literature in stock.

My father sent me shopping for a used grand piano two years ago. I went to Ira Langlois first because I knew about his passion and experience in working on pianos. After I looked at several used ones Ira proceeded to show me the brand new Langlois and Sons models that had Just arrived.

His eyes danced as he explained every detail of design and craftsmanship that went into the new models. I thoroughly enjoyed playing them and was pleasantly surprised when he quoted the prices on the brand new Langlois and Sons models. It was an easy decision to go with one of Ira’s brand new grand pianos; autograph and all!

Dad and I have found the piano to be a wonderful addition to his home. Everyone loves to play it and it’s beautiful to look at. In addition, one of my students purchased a nice Langlois and Sons upright piano last year and is very happy with it. BRAVO to Ira Langlois for building such wonderful, high quality, reasonably priced pianos.