Bremerton, WA |

Some people call me a bit over the top, and maybe so, but despite not knowing how to play a piano, I had always wanted one as decoration. I decided that since I’ve themed my living room in African art from different areas of Africa, I’d like to have the piano fit. I met with Ira and discussed my available space and my desire for the use of an African wood in my piano.

As I wanted a truly unique piece we ended up choosing African Bubinga wood in a satin finish, rather than the standard ebony polish or generic wood tone. I placed my order and a few months later I go the call from Ira stating my handmade piano had arrived and that it setup in his show room to be tuned and configured.

I dropped everything I was doing and hurried down to see my new piano. It was more beautiful than I had expected! Since I can’t play I had also ordered a player PianoDisc system with floppy, cd, and midi playback options.

The piano gets played almost daily by the PianoDisc system, and my friends who actually play are amazed at the sound the piano is capable of producing as it is a shorter 5’4″ grand.

Thank you Ira! I love my piano!