Marcelle S.

Pacific North West – Proud owner of a Langlois & Sons Grand |

Dear Ira,

Svein & I were chatting last night & I pointed out that he had many things that he’d wanted to have & do in his life. Like piloting a plane, having a boat, having horses, traveling here & there…and I said “that’s wonderful! The only thing I ever really wanted was to have & play a grand piano.” And now I have it, thanks to you Ira. The first time you tuned my old Kawaii and fixed the squeak that no one else had been able to fix (all five previous tuners) I knew that you were a master technician. No wonder you build pianos. I used to do the books for a piano store so I know a little about buying a piano & I knew I wouldn’t buy one without a knowledgeable technician. So when I started my Grand Piano search, I started with you and even though I went elsewhere – to Sherman Clay, Prossers, I had no intention of dealing with anyone else but you Ira. You have a rare quality called Integrity. I knew I could trust you. But I had to go try all the other pianos; Steinway, Boston, Yamaha. None of them had what I was looking for in terms of sound or touch. You told me that you had the piano I wanted and you were right. You also told me you could make it happen and you did. For that I will be forever grateful.

I thank you,