Marina Lashkul

Kitsap, WA |

My name is Marina Lashkul. I am a professional pianist, accompanist, and piano teacher. I started playing piano at the age of 6. During my many years of study and work I have played numerous pianos of all different makes and models.

The most important factor that makes a piano great is the sound, or voice, of the instrument. I prefer a deep, warm, velvety sound but most pianos that posses these qualities have extremely heavy keys which require the player to use much force in order for the key to play through.

On the other hand, pianos with light keys make it easy to draw emotion from the piano but the voice is almost always too bright and harsh. These pianos are great for playing brilliant passages, but to get them to sing is almost impossible.

Throughout my life of playing piano I have always wondered if there is a piano with the perfect combination of both worlds; a deep, warm, and rich voice along with keys that are not too heavy or too light that can allow total control of tone, timbre, and emotion. I have now found that perfect combination: in the Langlois & Sons models of pianos.

September, 2010 was my first chance to have the honor of playing a Langlois & Sons piano and let me tell you, Mr. Langlois’ pianos play just gorgeously! The keys respond wonderfully as they melt under your fingers allowing you full expressive control and the tone is very rich, very warm, very full. I instantly fell in love with these pianos!

Most appreciative,