Sequim, WA |

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Ira Langlois, who is developing a piano demonstration for interested churches.

Our church purchased two Kawai pianos from Ira some years ago. Not only are they excellent pianos, but he has kept them beautifully tuned and maintained for well over ten years. It continues to be a joy to play them for all sorts of occasions, in addition to church services.

Ira keeps a good schedule for tuning and maintenance and is faithful to that schedule. He gives ample notice when repairs are needed, mindful of church budget constraints. If an unusual problem should come up, he is quick to help.

If I may add a personal note, Ira has been the tuner/maintainer of my Steinway parlor grand for over twenty years. I purchased a Kawai console from him as a second teaching instrument. My students have been exposed to fine instruments, professionally maintained.