Piano tuner Ira playing a piano - Piano Maintenance
Piano tuner Ira Langlois

Basic Piano Care

It's very simple. Multiple levers are put into motion. Each leever has a different load and coefficient of friction. As a skilled technician, it's our job to keep the energy balance as the piano ages and parts wear.

The number one issue is dirt! Causing friction and damaging the actions moving parts. The second issue is the settling, compaction and thinning of contact parts. Third issue is as parts compress and shrink expanding tolerance gaps are widening the action tolerances. Every piano has different variables due to design, age, manufacturing qualities, engineering capabilities and overall integrity of piano. It's our job to diagnose the pianos performance and address those needed correction areas.

The five types of pianos, spinets, consoles, studios, professional uprights, and grands all have different mechanical designs. So understanding of the many different levers, material and wear patterns allows us to keep your piano performing to standard.

Our mission is to keep your piano playing to its best ability. Ease of control, smooth even play, quick repeat along with dynamic voice control. You should not have to think about the mechanical play only dictating the composers work. There are many factors that come into play when performing a general maintenance. The level of piano, spinet or grand. Quality of manufacturer and design, its service record, condition, and how it has been played all its life. Many many contributing factors enter into how a general maintenance is administered to your instrument.

With respect to all pianos,
Ira Langlois RPT.

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