Micro Key Weight Balancing Upgrade

Micro Key Weight Balancing Upgrade

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Upgrade your grand or upright for extreme performance!

Improve your average playing piano or high grade piano for even higher performance. Why such a huge improvement in touch performance is at large because we can measure balance keys thru the use of software. Measuring the up and down weight of each key then entering that date into the program and analyzing the best target weight for our client and the pianos capabilities. On completion our tolerances between all 88 keys is 1-2 grams. This is done primarily thru adding or subtracting small lead weights in the key stick itself. Most pianos on the market vary 20 grams with with those 88 keys.

Uneven touch response creates uneven hammer energy and inconsistent tone and does not enhance the pianist concentration on composition, dynamics, and overall expression. This allows total freedom for the pianist to involve themselves into producing expanded music and not fighting the uneven mechanical forces with in the piano action! The improvement cycle that occurs when we address a new piano is making sure it is playing to standard. All working parts are even and in full mechanical tolerances. So each piano has a set of perimeters that usually need adjusting.

We can perform our weight balance program on a well prepared piano. This can be achieved during an onsite evaluation. We are most anxious to give you the most exciting piano you can imagine. The average micro key weight balance service fee is $2500.00. The more worn or minimum service record can cost more to bring back to standard play prior the balance upgrade.

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