The Brodmann Piano – Unbelievable Masterpieces!

The Brodmann Piano – Unbelievable Masterpieces!

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The Brodmann legacy surpasses almost every piano made today! Exquisite energy from the basic roots. Bosendorfer, Vienna Austria. To the extreme quality control and precision performance throughout the entire building process.

The deep rich resonance begins with the hand made Struntz spruce soundboard, produced in German since 1820. The full keyboard and action components made in Nottingham England by Herrburger Brooks to Brodmann's engineered specifications. The finest engineered piano mechanics of anywhere on earth! The massive iron frame and expanded wood skeletal structure is powerful! This blending of Vienna history, the European materials and German components along with the most conscientious labors of piano construction produce the finest musical instruments! Over fifty years of my piano experience has never witnessed the heights reached by the Brodmann Piano company! Come and experience the wonderful beautiful personality of the Brodmann Piano! From the delicate touch and dynamic levels to the deep rich musical tones at every register. Unbelievable! Masterpieces! My signature of perfection!

Master Piano Technician, Ira Langlois RPT.

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