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It's a fact of life - piano's go out of tune. Constant changes in the atmosphere directly affect the wood in the soundboard, pin-block and bridges. When its humid components swell and when its dry they shrink; combine that with the tension pulling the piano together and what you get is strings stretching and contracting causing your piano to go out of tune.

Ira T. Langlois is a fifth-generation piano tuner and one of the best in the industry. He "hears" the harmonies a piano should create when allowed to perform at its best.

Whether you play your piano daily or just a few times a year, tuning is the best preventive maintenance you can do to ensure that your piano lasts a lifetime.

Our tuning service extends from Seattle to Tacoma and as far north as Port Angles including the following counties; King, Pierce, Jefferson, Mason, Kitsap and Clallam.

If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment to have your piano tuned please don't hesitate to contact us at 800 498-1858. We'd be happy to help.

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Overton Berry, Jazz Pianist - "The craftsmanship in the making of this piano displays an artistic sensitivity to every detail..." Read more... 

Marina Lashkul - "I am a professional pianist, accompanist, and piano teacher. Mr. Langlois' pianos play just gorgeously!..." Read more... 

David Sheldahl - "Ira Langlois, installed a state of the art player system from PianoDisc and it plays my piano to perfection..." Read more... 

Jackson Berkey - "Peninsula residents west of Seattle are indeed fortunate to have such expertise available for tuning and servicing..." Read more... 

Marcelle S. - "The only thing I ever really wanted was to have & play a grand piano." And now I have it, thanks to you Ira..." Read more... 

Kathy Lea - "The work that Ira did on my 85 year old piano was phenomenal! The sound of the piano is improved 1,000 fold..." Read more... 


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