Langlois 610

$24,995.00 each


Model: GL-610

Length: 6’ 10”

Weight: 875 lbs

Italian Made Ciresa Soundboard “Solid Spruce”

Soundboard Area (sq in.): 2,533

Solid Maple Bridge

European Beech Beams, Mortise & Tenon Joined

17 ply North American Made Pin Block “Rock Maple”

Rim Material Hard Maple & Beech Laminates

Sand Cast Plate
Keyboard, Key-Bed

Key-Frame made of all European Spruce

German “Select” Abel Custom Pressed Hammers

German Renner Shanks and Flanges

German Renner Highest Quality Bushing Cloth

European Hardwood Hornbeam Action Parts with Ecsaine Buckskins

Computer Analyzed Friction Work

Computer Assisted Custom Action Micro-Balancing and Key-Weighing
with 55 Grams Down-Weight in Bass Tapering to 49 Grams in Treble

High Level of Meticulous


Natural Voicing Techniques

Slow Fall Key Cover

Sostenuto Pedal

12 Year Warranty


Jackson Berkey - "Peninsula residents west of Seattle are indeed fortunate to have such expertise available for tuning and servicing..." Read more... 

Marcelle S. - "The only thing I ever really wanted was to have & play a grand piano." And now I have it, thanks to you Ira..." Read more... 

Kathy Lea - "The work that Ira did on my 85 year old piano was phenomenal! The sound of the piano is improved 1,000 fold..." Read more... 

David Sheldahl - "Ira Langlois, installed a state of the art player system from PianoDisc and it plays my piano to perfection..." Read more... 

Overton Berry, Jazz Pianist - "The craftsmanship in the making of this piano displays an artistic sensitivity to every detail..." Read more... 

Marina Lashkul - "I am a professional pianist, accompanist, and piano teacher. Mr. Langlois' pianos play just gorgeously!..." Read more... 


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