Here at Langlois Pianos we are committed to making your piano buying experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. Excellent service is at the heart of everything we do, we strongly believe that the customer is the most important part of any purchase. Call 800-498-1858 to talk with us.

To help educate my clients I will help you gauge each individual type of piano performance. Remember, grade of piano, and condition can make significant difference in the performance. We will educate you on the levels and quality of every piano you try! Be sure to read my article on How to Buy a Piano, it is available for download as a PDF here.

Beyond just selling you a piano, we desire to assist you in becoming an informed buyer. By helping you define your needs, goals and budget, we can ensure that you make the best choice of instruments for your use and enjoyment. To this end, we carry a full line of pianos, ranging from digital keyboards to grands, as well as a wide array of sheet music and teaching aids. Additionally, we employ a highly skilled tuning and repair staff who take pride in quality workmanship and service. Our head technician is Ira T. Langlois III, 5th generation piano tuner.

It is our hope that we can help you begin and/or continue a lifelong interest in music, by assisting you in finding an instrument that will fit both your style and needs.

Please check out our pianos, read about our history. If you see a piano you are interested in, contact us or visit us using these directions. We provide shipping and financing as well as rental and lease programs. 


David Sheldahl - "Ira Langlois, installed a state of the art player system from PianoDisc and it plays my piano to perfection..." Read more... 

Overton Berry, Jazz Pianist - "The craftsmanship in the making of this piano displays an artistic sensitivity to every detail..." Read more... 

Marcelle S. - "The only thing I ever really wanted was to have & play a grand piano." And now I have it, thanks to you Ira..." Read more... 

Jackson Berkey - "Peninsula residents west of Seattle are indeed fortunate to have such expertise available for tuning and servicing..." Read more... 

Marina Lashkul - "I am a professional pianist, accompanist, and piano teacher. Mr. Langlois' pianos play just gorgeously!..." Read more... 

Kathy Lea - "The work that Ira did on my 85 year old piano was phenomenal! The sound of the piano is improved 1,000 fold..." Read more... 


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