Since 2005 we have developed a custom line of pianos that we especially make for our distinct clientele. Most importantly with our accelerated action analysis we bring these instruments to exacting key resistances through a laborious process of micro-balancing. Using some custom action components and a strict attention to detail we can get our grand pianos key resistance down to 1 gram from key to key. You can measure many AAA rated grand pianos and there maybe as much as 11 grams of difference between keys. Our clients agree that our line of pianos play as smooth as butter. An even and light action is our ultimate goal, and we have reached that and much more. I am on a quest for perfection and we have improved the overhual mass and inertia factors to give the fastest and most controllable keyboard ever! The larger companies cannot stop production to create the same extraordinary, expensive instrument.

When producing one of our custom handmade pianos we listen to each individual to learn what is important to them. Lifestyle and performance capabilities, type of music enjoyed. And what type of acoustical environment the piano will be in so we can match all areas and needs. The furniture and styling is the visual connection that gives beauty to your home or studio for decades. If we do not have a model or style that suits your needs we will build the right cabinet that meets your eye.

Please complete our customer profile so we can begin the process of creating your dream piano.

As a family business that has built its own traditions of service for over one hundred forty-one years, we have achieved the highest values unequalled anywhere. I, Ira Langlois, a fifth generation piano craftsman am in charge of this very proud company. As a privately owned family business, I personally bring each Langlois & Sons piano to its fullest potential.

Around the turn of the century it was a standard practice to do just that. This was accomplished by establishing a finishing room in which pianos were placed so they could be gradually adjusted in all aspects of tone production. This is called "blossoming". Blossoming brings the melody to the forefront of each and every piano allowing for the embellishment of unique qualities of each hand made instrument. We tailor our Langlois & Sons pianos to the correct voice for your personal choice and room acoustics.

Our mission statement at Langlois is: "You deserve the very best". As craftsmen, we pride ourselves in the full blossom of each unique hand made piano!

First, we understand your choice of piano size dictates certain harmonic qualities. Your favorite musical style, be it classical, jazz, or contemporary shows me which harmonic partials to excite. The overall room dimension and acoustical texture again tells me certain qualities for which to prepare.

We essentially custom prepare our Langlois & Sons piano for you! Fill out the Customer Profile so we may ASSIST YOU in making the RIGHT CHOICE!

In our blossoming process we first clarify the sound so we can broaden the true speaking voice and bring out the fundamental melody. Our techniques are those that have been used by skilled craftsman for decades. For example: tensioning the hammers and balancing all registers, polishing the hammer surface to create just the right amount of high partials, leveling piano strings, spacing and traveling of the hammers, shaping the hammer contours in each register to help balance and unify the full keyboard, seating of strings to bridges and multiple tunings to stabilize and clarify beat patterns and ratios.

In the tone regulating process we use a deep needle technique to open up the German felted "Abel" hammers allowing us to create a sound that will speak to your musical sense. Paying attention to the fine details allows me to achieve an even, uniform, sensitive instrument that responds to your slightest expression.

It is our goal at Langlois Pianos, to get to know each and every client personally and to surpass their expectations. We see the whole picture of a pianist's style and personal choice, when it comes to touch response and tonal color. Whether you are a novice, an amateur or a professional we will listen to your every desire, preparing each instrument one at a time. A custom fit for you.

We are working on getting all our pianos online for you to browse. In the meantime, select a piano make from the list at the right to view more information on the specific brand and come see us when you are ready to purchase.

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